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Since 1930 when FIFA World Cup was held for the first time ever, it has introduced more than 20 new logotypes.

Meaning and history

FIFA World Cup Logo history
One of the most important international football (soccer) competitions has been held since 1930. There were no tournaments only during World War 2. It all started in 1909 when Sir Thomas Lipton organized a tournament in Turin, which was later called “The Very First World Championship”. The final decision on the World Cup was made by the FIFA Congress in Amsterdam on May 29, 1928. Brazil is a leading country when it comes to winning the FIFA World Cup titles with only six other countries getting the title of champions. The name is an abbreviation of the French “Fédération Internationale de Football Association”.

1999 – 2006

FIFA World Cup Logo 1999
For several years since 1999, the logo consisted of a simple inscription. It stated “FIFA World Cup” in a blue sans-serif font. All the letters were uppercase and relatively widely spaced apart, which gave the logo a confident and bold appearance. The blue color of the letters stood for bravery and dedication. The font used in the logo looks a lot like Costanera Alt Black but with both horizontal strokes in the “F” having a slanted cut.

2006 – Today

FIFA World Cup logo
The “FIFA” portion of the name was still printed using the font seen in the previous logo. The remaining portion of the name was printed using a new font. It looked a lot like Frutiger Cyrillic 75 Black. A darker blue color gave the logo a bolder look.

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