Bayern München Logo

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Bayern München Logo
The logo of the Football club Bayern München e.V., more often called FC Bayern München, has gone through multiple modifications throughout its almost 120-year history.

Meaning and History logo

Bayern München Logo history

The original Bayern Munich logo, which was introduced in 1900, was built around an intricate monogram including four letters: “F,” “C,” “B,” and “M.” The golden monogram was placed in a circle shape, which, in its turn, appeared in the center of a flag featuring blue stripes on the white background.
In the 1906 version, the lettering “Bayern” and “FA” was given in a very unusual, hardly legible type inside a gold hexagonal shape. There was also a square divided into two parts, red and white (colors of Bavaria).

Old logo

Bayern München Logo old
In 1923, a blue crest was adopted. It sported the interlacing letters “F,” “C,” “B,” and “M.” According to some sources, this emblem was used up to 1938, then, after a break, in 1945-1954. According to other sources, it was the only logo used from 1923 to 1954.
Anyway, in 1954, the Bayern Munich emblem went through a complete overhaul involving both the shape and the color scheme. A roundel logo with the text “F.C. Bayern” was given in red and white.
The version that appeared in 1961 featured the blue and white pattern that has been used on the crest, in one form or another, ever since. So, in fact, all the following versions were just modifying the same basic structure.
In 1965, the blue and white pattern took over more than half of the roundel, while the bold red frame disappeared.
In the 1970 variation of the Bayern Munich logo, the bold red frame was present again. As the result of the following update, which took place in 1979, the color scheme became somewhat darker and nobler, while the blue and white field diminished.

Symbol: 1996-present

Bayern München symbol
In 1996, the colors were updated once again, as well as the proportions. The inner circle grew larger in comparison with the red ring. Also, the letters grew bolder, which provided better legibility.
The crest was streamlined in 2002 and 2017, yet the modifications were very subtle.

Emblem size

Bayern München emblem
The emblem can be reproduced in a variety of size provided the proportions remain unchanged. In other words, the crest should retain its circular shape. Some of the examples of the sizes available can be the 512×512 logo or the 256×256 logo.


The letters featured on the Bayern Munich logo seem to belong to the Vectora Black font, which was developed in 1990 by Adrian Frutiger.


Color Bayern München logo
The palette comprises only three colors: red, blue, and white. Red and white are the colors of Bavaria, the club’s native land, while blue is the color of the team’s original crest.