Manchester City Logo

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Manchester City Logo
Manchester City Football Club was created in 1880 as St. Mark’s and adopted its current name in 1894. Currently its home is the City of Manchester Stadium, but until 2003 it played at Maine Road.

Meaning and history

Manchester City Logo history

The earliest Manchester City logo was introduced on kits in 1970. However, in fact, it was not completely new. Almost the same emblem was used as the club’s corporate logo since the mid-1960s. It featured a ship inside a shield shape, which, in its turn, was placed inside a circular shape.
The badge was replaced only two years after it had been unveiled. Interestingly enough, the new logo looked very much like the current one. In comparison to its predecessor, it featured a different color scheme and a new element – a red flower (the red rose of Lancashire).
manchester city old logo
In 1976 the logo was replaced by a completely new one. It featured a goat and a lion in a red crown beside a shield shape. Underneath, the following motto could be seen: “Concilio et labore”. However, it was used only for five years, and in 1981 the team returned to its previous logo.

The 1997 symbol

symbol Manchester City
When the team decided to register its emblem as a trademark, it turned out that it was ineligible for the purpose. So, in 1997 a new symbol was adopted. It was inspired by the coat of arms of the team’s home city and featured a golden eagle “holding” a shield. There was a ship on the upper half of the shield.

Current emblem

emblem Manchester City
The 1997 badge received a lot of criticism from the team’s fans, so it was only natural that the club changed it less than 10 years after it was introduced. Shortly before the new logo was created, the club had consultations with their fans about what it should look like.
The current logo was unveiled at the end of 2015. In fact, it looks more like the older ones than the 1997 logo. Again, we see the familiar round shape. The image somehow resembles logos of other clubs belonging to City Football Group. Inside, there is a shield, where a golden ship and the red rose of Lancashire are placed.


Font Manchester City Logo
The sans-serif all-cap typeface used in the current version of the Manchester City logo looks clear and minimalistic.


Color Manchester City Logo
The team’s home colors are light blue (often referred to as sky blue) and white. We may also point out that the away kit color palette is different and includes maroon or a combination of red and black. There is no information as to when and how these colors were chosen. The only thing that is clear is that blue has been used in the footballers’ outfits since 1892 or earlier.