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barcelona logo
The logo of the football club Barcelona comprises several heraldic symbols with a long and interesting history. The most notable modifications of the logo took place in 1910. After that, the emblem hasn’t gone far from its roots.

Meaning and history

fc barcelona logo history

The current logo is built around a bowl shape, which is divided into four areas. The FCB logo meaning is determined mostly by the meaning of its structural parts.
The top left area features the Saint George’s Cross. The emblem of the Patron Saint of Catalonia, it is one of the most known Catalan symbols and emphasizes the club’s connection to its native land.
The top left area features four red stripes on a yellow background, one more reference to Catalonia. In fact, this pattern represents the so-called Senyera, the flag of Catalonia. This vexillological symbol has a very interesting history. Legend has it, before starting his fight against the Moors, 9th century King Wilfred the Hairy made four red stripes (Four Fingers of Blood), which later became the coat of arms of the Crown of Aragon (“Bars of Aragon”). By the way, apart from the Catalan flag, the four bars can also be seen on the coat of arms of Spain and some of its areas, as well as several regions in France.
Below the two symbols, there’s the lettering “FCB,” which stands for Futbol Club Barcelona. The text is given in black against the gold background.
The bottom area comprises a gold football over a pattern featuring three red stripes over the blue field. The “Blaugrana” colors are used on the team’s uniform since 1900.
To sum up, the Barcelona logo conveys several messages:

  • the club’s connection to its native land
  • its respect for its roots
  • the type of activity the club is involved into.

Evolution symbol

Barcelona symbol
The earliest FC Barcelona symbol differed dramatically from all that happened afterward. The emblem was built around a golden rhombus between two branches, one of a laurel tree and the other of a palm. The rhombus was broken into four parts. Two of them were filled with red stripes on the yellow field (the Catalan flag), while inside the other two there was a red cross. Above the rhombus, there was a crown, the symbol of the club’s noble roots. Above the crown, a small bat with its wings spread wide could be seen.
The most notable redesign took place in 1910, when a gold football, a well-known soccer symbol, appeared on the logo. Since then, the emblem went through a series of subtle modifications, which affected only its style and outline patterns leaving the major heraldic elements virtually unchanged.
The new logo has been used since 2002. It was developed (or, to be precise, modified) by designer Claret Serrahima.


The sans serif typeface featured on the Barcelona logotype is called Interstate Bold. It was developed by Tobias Frere-Jones and officially introduced by Font Bureau.


Barcelona logo colors
Two of the most prominent FC Barcelona colors blue and red (featured on the bottom part of the football logo) come from the club’s first uniform. Moreover, the FC is often called “Blaugrana,” because these are the names of the colors in the Catalan language. It’s still not known whether the colors come from the founder Joan Gamper’s FC Zurich colors or the colors of the Merchant Taylors School, where two of the club’s most known early players, Arthur and Ernest Witty, studied.

Why is there the flag of England?

Barcelona Logo
One of the structural elements of the FCB logo is the red cross on the white background – the one that is known, for instance, as the flag of England or the flag of the international Red Cross movement. What’s the connection between the football club and England or the Red Cross, someone may wonder?
In fact, the red cross on the white background (so-called Saint George’s Cross) is a universally recognized heraldic symbol, which has been used in a variety of contexts. The history of Cross of Saint George dates back to the Middle Ages. Most likely, it started to be used as an emblem in the 12th century.
Saint George was a charismatic saint, who, according to legends, played an active part in the early Crusades. He was known as the patron saint of many cities and countries. The Cross is believed to have been the symbol of the Republic of Genoa in the 13th century. Later, it was adopted by several areas across Northern Italy, from Bologna to Milan. One of such areas was Catalonia, the community in Spain which includes the Barcelona province. So, the reason why the cross appears on the FC Barcelona logo is simple – it’s one of the historic symbols of Catalonia.
England was one of the lands that adopted this cross, too, as Saint George became the “national saint” here after the English Reformation.
To sum up, there isn’t the flag of England on the FC Barcelona logo, it is Saint George’s Cross on both the English flag and the football club emblem.

Dream League logo

Barcelona Dream League logo
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