PSG Logo

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PSG Logo
The earliest Paris Saint Germain logo was introduced in 1970, when the club was founded and remained its primary symbol for two playing seasons. The emblem was built around a stylized depiction of a football, which was given in blue with white seams. There was also a red vessel, which was used as a symbol of Paris. The same logo was adopted by Paris FC, as they were one club at the time.

Meaning and history

PSG Logo history

Following the split from Paris FC, Paris Saint Germain introduced its own, absolutely new crest, which was later nicknamed the Eiffel Tower logo. The Eiffel Tower here is red with a white outline, while the background is dark blue. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice a white cradle under the Eiffel Tower. Quite an unusual element for a soccer club, isn’t it? The reason why the cradle appeared on the PSG logo was that it symbolized the birth of King Louis XIV in Saint-Germain. There was also another Saint-Germain-en-Laye symbol – a fleur de Lys.
The person who suggested making the Eiffel Tower the main part of the logo was Daniel Hechter, who was PSG president back then. At least, this is what Robert Vicot, the club’s ex-manager claimed. As for the cradle, it was a draftsman called Mr. Vallot who suggested the idea to place it on the logo.

Old logo

PSG Logo old
The logo went through a subtle modification in 1982, which brought about a new shade of blue. However, eight years later the club brought back the previous emblem, with a darker shade of blue.

Symbol in 1994-2012

PSG symbol
In 1994, another PSG symbol was adopted. It had virtually nothing in common with its predecessors. The author of the crest (or, at least, the author of the idea) was former Paris SG shareholder Canal+. The new emblem featured the bold white letters “P,” “S,” and “G” inside blue and red rectangles (blue for the “P” and “G,” red for the “S”).
The new crest caused severe criticism from the club’s loyal fans. Because of the pressure, PSG returned to the iconic Eiffel Tower crest in 1996. This fact didn’t mean, though, that they gave up the idea to update it. So, this time the roundel emblem was encircled by the text “Paris Saint-Germain” with the date 1970 beneath. The lettering was given in dark blue on the white background.
The 2002 modification resulted in an updated color palette: the blue grew darker while the red grew brighter. The lettering was now white on the dark blue background.
In 2010, an anniversary crest was introduced. It was an almost replica of the 2002 PSG logo, but now there was a gold ring around the logo with the text “40 ans” (40 years) and the date 2010. The anniversary logo was used only for one season, so in 2011 the club returned to the previous version, the one without the gold ring.

The 2013 emblem

PSG Logo emblem
Probably the most controversial update after the 1994 logo took place in 2013.
The main difference is that the word “Paris” now dominates the PSG emblem. This idea belonged to the club’s shareholder Oryx Qatar Sports Investments – they wanted to attract more attention to the global appeal of the French capital. The lettering “Saint-Germain,” which was now impossible to squeeze into the space on the top, was moved below the emblem, where it took the space previously occupied by the date 1970. Also, the cradle emblem disappeared making the fleur de Lys more obvious.
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According to some sources, the club uses a custom font, which was developed by an international typographic studio Babel Font. Bill Corporate or Sweet Sans can be mentioned among similar-looking types.


PSG Logo color
The choice of colors has remained basically the same since the club was incepted in 1970. Blue and red have always dominated the logo, with white as a secondary color. However, the shade of blue hasn’t stayed the same, it varied from the clean, bright color of the original logo to the dark, almost black shade of the following version. The current PSG logo features a rather neutral and pleasant for the eye shade, which is neither too light nor too dark. In addition to blue, red, and white, there’s also gold color.