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International Trucks, a subsidiary of Navistar International Corporation, specializes in the production of medium and heavy-duty trucks. Owned by TRATON SE since 2020, this American company has a vast operational presence, spanning North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. With a commitment to innovation and quality, International Trucks has been a leading figure in the trucking industry for decades.

Meaning and history

International Trucks Logo history

Founded in 1902 as International Harvester, International Trucks has its roots in Chicago, Illinois. As pioneers, they were among the first to introduce hybrid commercial trucks, showcasing their drive for innovation. Over the years, the company has been recognized for its durability and cutting-edge technologies, making them a preferred choice for many fleets globally. Today, as a part of Navistar International Corporation and under the ownership of TRATON SE since 2020, International Trucks continues its legacy of manufacturing high-performance trucks, with an eye on the future and an ever-growing global footprint.

What is International Trucks?
International Trucks is an American manufacturer specializing in medium and heavy-duty trucks. A subsidiary of Navistar International Corporation, it’s been a prominent player in the trucking industry for over a century.

1902 – 1915

International Trucks Logo 1902

The first letters of the name create a symmetrical monogram. The letter “I stands in the center of the letter “H”, which is slightly smaller. The two characters are framed by the letter “C” which almost closes in an almost complete circle. The first two characters stand for “International Harvester”, which is printed in white along the vertical and horizontal strokes of each. The letter “C”, obviously, stands for “Corporation”.

1915 – 1923

International Trucks Logo 1915

This logo looks nothing like the geometric monogram used by the company earlier. It features a cursive inscription placed on a diagonal. It is done in white with a blue outline. To enhance the elegant appearance of the emblem, the designers added a swoosh line that went from the “l” and curved under the name. Such delicate inscription was not instantly associated with a company that created such powerful automobiles. At the same time, it reflected the innovative approach of the manufacturer.

1923 – 1947

International Trucks Logo 1923

Although the new logo also had only “International” printed in the logo, it had a completely different feel. Its rectangular base with pointed ends and three diamonds stacked one next to each other in the center were more associated with the bold look of the original emblem. The red and white color palette enhanced the powerful impression. For the name, the company chose a font that looks surprisingly similar to Gold Coast Rough font with beak serifs.

1938 – 1953

International Trucks Logo 1938

Although the font was changed, the inscription looks very similar to the previous one. However, this time it is done in black with the characters in the center being slightly enlarged. The new color palette features blue instead of red, creating a calmer and more balanced image. The designers also added a new, symmetrical border around the whole emblem among several other elements that were updated.

1946 – 1973

International Trucks Logo 1946

A bold, geometric look was presented in 1946. It featured black and red colors, which the company used earlier. The letters “I” and “H” were crossed in the same pattern as in the original logo. However, this time, the “I” was done as a lowercase letter and used a red color. Both characters featured bold, clean strokes with straight cuts.

1973 – 1986

International Trucks Logo 1973

Many years after the last logo was created, the company decided to introduce a few changes. First of all, they made the logo monochrome, removing the red. The characters were also made taller, while the “I” had a small white space on either side of it, cutting the horizontal stroke. The latter, actually, no longer joined the vertical lines at a straight corner but rather had a curved line connecting both in lower left and upper right corners. It was a strong and impressive brand image.

1986 – 2002

International Trucks Logo 1986

It was not long before the company gave the logo a new spin. The full name now took the main position, featuring a bold, sans-serif font. It was printed using a black color and font similar to Broadside Heavy Condensed. The inscription was accompanied by a black square above it. It was not a simple square, though. The shape was placed so that the angles faced the top and bottom. Moreover, there was a pointed white line going from the bottom to the top and resembling a road going off into the horizon. It was a great symbolism for a manufacturer that directly deals with the creation of transport.

2002 – now

International Trucks Logo

The company logo was modernized in 2002 and acquired a new bright color palette. The square was now a bold orange color with the white line being done in black. The latter merged with the black outline around the square. It was not all. There was a three-dimensional metallic silver frame that complemented a banner with the name done in the same style. The logo surely caught the attention, while the silver elements made an association with advanced technologies.