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The International Basketball League (IBL) is a global basketball organization owned by several international investors. It operates professional basketball leagues and tournaments in various countries, promoting the sport on an international scale.

Meaning and history

International Basketball League Logo

The International Basketball League (IBL) that was active in the west Coast of the US from 2004 to 2014 had only one logo. It is a vertical rectangle with a black silhouette of a dunking basketball player inside it. The player is against a brownish orange background. There is the abbreviation “IBL” at the bottom of the rectangle, white on black.

The IBL logo has the color scheme typical of the majority of basketball leagues and teams ‒ brownish orange, black and white. Brownish orange is the traditional color of a basketball. Black is also a common color in this kind of sport. It may imply ribs on the surface of a basketball or line markings on a basketball court. White compliments them both.

What is International Basketball League?
The International Basketball League (IBL) is a professional basketball league that operates internationally, showcasing teams from various countries. It provides a platform for competitive basketball games and promotes the sport on a global scale.