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Eredivisie is the name of the most prestigious Dutch football league, which was established in 1956 in the Netherlands. One of the top10 leagues in Europe, the Eredivisie is composed of 18 football teams, which compete for the main prize.

Meaning and history

Eredivisie Logo history
During the first half of its history, the number one League in the Netherlands used the logo of PTT Telecompetite, a purple man, kicking a green ball, with a green nameplate banner horizontally crossing it. It was a fresh and fun logo, where the man was composed of several lines and arrows, building up his body, and a white circle in a bold purple outline for his head.

The new era of the visual identity for the league started in the 2000s when it was renamed into Eredivisie.

1900 — 1999

PTT Telecompetitie Logo 1990
The original logo depicted a human shape kicking a ball. Except, the head was just a blue circle, and the limbs looked like variously-shaped arrows. Behind the leg that stayed on the ground, they’ve placed a long green line so that the limb cuts it in two. The left part said ‘ptt’, and the right one – ‘telecompetitie’.

1999 — 2000

KPN Telecompetitie Logo 1999
In 1999, they colored the left section of the line blue and changed the letters there to ‘kpn’.

2000 — 2002

Eredivisie Logo 2000
The logo, designed for the league in 2000 was composed of a blue inscription in the lowercase with a graphical emblem on the right. The whole construction was enclosed in a horizontal rectangular frame of green color, with its left part in solid green, containing the white “KPN” lettering.

The main wordmark was executed in a modern lightweight geometric sans-serif typeface, and the emblem depicted a colorful football with numerous horizontal stripes on its left. Each stripe had its own color and aimed to represent speed, movement, and passion.

2002 — 2004

Eredivisie Logo 2002
The logo from 2002 was composed of a green “Holland Casino Eredivisie” nameplate, turned around a small angle, and an emblem, representing a square stadium and field, with a white football flying out of it. The stadium image was drawn in a multi-color palette, which resembles a previous logo version.

2005 — 2017

PTT Telecompetitie Logo 2005
In 2005 the league started using the part of the logo, designed in 2000 as an official one. It was the part with the ball and stripes, and a wordmark in the same style, placed under it. The multicolor stripes featured different thicknesses and had their sides cut diagonally.

For the league’s 60th anniversary the logo was colored gold in 1957, and the football was replaced by a rounded laurel wreath with the “60 Jaar” inscription inside.

2017 — Today

Eredivisie Logo

The logo we all can see today was introduced in 2017. It is a modern and minimalist visual identity, which looks strong and memorable. The letter “E” in the lowercase is enclosed in a circular frame, which repeats the center-circle of the football field.

The wordmark, also in the lowercase, is placed under the emblem and uses the same deep blue color, which looks bright and chic on a white background.

Font and color

The Eredivisie wordmark is executed in a custom sleek sans-serif typeface with bold clean lines. There are no dots above both letters “I”, which adds sophistication and confidence to the logo. The font of the inscription is very similar to such famous fonts as Sony Gothic bold and Bradley Bold.

The blue and white color palette of the Eredivisie visual identity is a reflection of the stability, confidence, and professionalism of all the teams and players. It evokes a sense of trustworthiness and promises all the people watching the league the best experience.

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