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Baseball Federation of Asia logoBaseball Federation of Asia Logo PNG

Baseball Federation of Asia, also known as World Baseball Softball Conference Asia organizes most baseball leagues in Asia. They incorporate over 20 nation members throughout the continent, although not all Asian countries. In some of them, baseball presence is still negligible.

Meaning and History

The Federation was founded in 1954, and it was first part of the bigger Asian Games – an Asia-specific version of the Olympics. BFA is answerable for most professional baseball and softball leagues on this continent. Japan is the most successful of the teams on the list, owing to the popularity of baseball there.

1954 – today

Baseball Federation of Asia logo

The BFA logo features a baseball with a black acronym ‘BFA’ inside it. The lines of the former were drawn as if with paint. It creates an incomplete circular shape with a missing bit on the left. In its stead, the lower line segment follows left, then turns right and ends beyond the ball’s border on the right. The coloring is burgundy.