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Great Wolf Lodge is an American brand of family hotels. The famous resort company was established in 1997 and became famous due to its water parks and numerous other activities for the whole family.

Meaning and history

Great Wolf Lodge Logo history

1997 – 2000

Great Wolf Lodge Logo-1997

2000 – 2001

Great Wolf Lodge Logo-2000

2001 – 2008

Great Wolf Lodge Logo-2001

2008 – Today

Great Wolf Lodge Logo

The Great Wolf Lodge’s visual identity is confident and eye-catching. The hotels’ logo is composed of a square frame with a wordmark and an emblem inside.

The black bold inscription is built in three levels and executed in a decorative typeface, which is Carlson Antique, created by Berne Nadall. The unique style of the lettering is complemented by a bright spot in the middle of it.

The red Great Wolf Lodge emblem is a wolf’s footprint, which replaces the letter “O” in “Wolf”. The color of the image balances the red framing of the logo and makes a great accent.

It is a strong and recognizable visual identity concept, which is instantly associated with the brand and looks strong and modern due to the use of interesting typeface and a bright color combination.

The Great Wolf Resorts’ main company also uses a wolf footprint as its symbol, but its executed in a light blue and has a shape of a water drop, to represent the main group’s activity — water parks.