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IMDb is an online platform, specializing in movies and tv-shows information and reviews. The platform was launched in 1990 and appeared as a website in 1993. Today the website is a part of the Amazon group and is considered to be the largest database of the video industry.

Meaning and history

Imdb Logo history
Being one of the most visited online movie-database, IMDb features a very simple and minimalist, yet bright visual identity.
The wordmark, placed inside a yellow square with rounded angles, is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is close to Impact T. Written in black, it creates strong contrast with the background and looks confident and professional.
During the long history of the platform, the IMDb logo was redesigned a few times. The main changes were made to the framing and the background color.
The previous versions of the IMDb logo featured a rectangle shape, which was once modified into a badge style figure. Sometimes the yellow background gained a more gold tone, with gradient shades, another option of the IMDb visual identity features a monochrome color palette.

1993 — 2001

Imdb Logo 1993
The original logo showcased the full name of the platform, The Internet Movie Database. There was also the lettering “Welcome to” and a stylized depiction of the film.

2001 — 2012

Imdb Logo 2001
This one already looks quite familiar. For one, there is the iconic yellow background. Also, you can see the lettering “IMDB” in large black letters set in a sans serif type.

2012 — 2016

Imdb Logo 2012
The yellow shape is now a rectangle with rounded corners. The gradient creates a luxurious and shiny gold effect.

2016 — 2018

Imdb Logo 2016
A black frame was added to the rectangle providing a refined and elegant touch. Yet, the designers eventually decided that this element was unnecessary.

2018 — Today

Imdb logo
The current black and yellow color scheme of the IMDb logo is a reflection of the positive and progressive approach of the platform. The bright combination evokes a sense of authority and expertise, creating a kind and happy feeling at the same time.

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