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Google AdWords is an online service, launched by Google in 2000 and specialized in various advertising content. The platform enables its users to create text and video-based ads, which can be placed on websites and applications. Today it is one of the most popular and effective online adverts services, which is used all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Google AdWords Logo history1

It is interesting, that the service, created by Google in 2000, got its emblem designed only in 2018. Before that, the visual identity of the platform was completely text-based and has no additional features which could make it stand out from the list of all other Google products.

2000 — 2010

Google AdWords Logo 2000

The original logo was composed of an enlarged Google logotype with three-dimensional colorful letters and a delicate gray shadow. The “AdWords” inscription was executed in small gray sans-serif lettering and placed under the main nameplate, like a simple tagline.

2010 — 2015

Google AdWords Logo 2010

Only in 2010 the “AdWords” part was moved near the “Google” and became really visible. While the corporate logotype was still drab with a 3D effect, the second part of the wordmark featured a very modest and strict sans-serif font, with thin narrow letters. The color was still the same – gray.


Google AdWords Logo 2015

In 2015 Google redesigned its corporate style, so the AdWords logo was also changed. Now the gray inscription gained bolder and more confident lines and the “Google” part of the logo featured the same strict and clean sans-serif typeface, but had ticket lines and was still written in different colors.

2018 — Today

Google AdWords logo

In 2018 Google decides to change its advertising platform’s name. Now it is Google Ads, and Google Ads finally has its own emblem.

Logo Google AdWords

The emblem of the service is composed of a stylized letter “A” with its horizontal bar missing. The letter is executed in two extra-bold lines with rounded edges. The left bar is colored yellow and has a green circle in its end, while the right line is in solid blue.

Emblem Google AdWords

As for the wordmark, it is placed under the emblem and features only one color — light gray, a symbol of stability, professionalism, and authority of the world’s leading company.