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MediaFire is a file hosting, synchronization, and cloud storage service, operational since its foundation by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge in June 2006.

Meaning and history

Based in Shenandoah, Texas, it serves a global market with client software available for various operating systems and browsers.

It offers up to 50GB of free storage, with the option to expand, and as of 2012, had 43 million registered users.

MediaFire supports both public and private file sharing with control over permissions.

While it doesn’t officially support long-term storage for inactive accounts, it remains a popular choice for file sharing and storage solutions​​.


Mediafire Logo

The design features a stylized, dynamic blue flame emblem to the left of the company’s name, symbolizing both the brand’s name and its core business of data storage and transfer. This element’s duality alludes to the ‘fire’ of data transmission and the ‘water’ of data storage, encapsulating the fluidity and energy of the digital world. The company’s name is bold and prominent against the blue backdrop, suggesting stability and reliability. This contemporary logo encapsulates MediaFire’s commitment to providing secure and efficient data management services.

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