Idaho State Bengals Logo

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Idaho State Bengals Logo
The 13 varsity teams of Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho, use a pretty cluttered emblem, which replaced a very unusual insignia they had earlier.

Meaning and history

Idaho State Bengals logo history

The old Idaho State Bengals logo, which was unveiled in 1993, featured a large “U” in black and orange. The “U” was housing a black “I,” which, in its turn, was placed over the letter “S.”
In 1997, the Idaho State Bengals logo went through a complete overhaul. There was now the lettering “Bengals Idaho State” given in three lines and a tiger’s head below it.

Idaho State Bengals basketball

Idaho State Bengals basketball logo
The men’s basketball team of Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho, has participated in eleven NCAA Tournaments and appeared in the 1938 NAIA Tournament.

Idaho State Bengals football

Idaho State Bengals football logo
The Bengals have won eight conference championships and have appeared in the I-AA/FCS playoffs two times.