Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Logo

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Logo

The map outline of Louisiana has been the centerpiece of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs logo throughout at least half a century.

Meaning and history

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs logo history

On the old logo introduced in 1968, the map was pretty large. It was blue and had the capital letter “T” placed over it.

Since then, the emblem has gone through only one modification, which took place in 2008. Now, only around a third of the map was left. Like on the previous emblem, there was a large red “T” positioned over it. This time, the design team decided to make the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs logo more transparent and added the letters “LA” in blue, and “Tech” in red.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs basketball

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of Louisiana Tech University has competed in five NCAA Division I Tournaments, two NCAA Division II Tournaments, and nine National Invitation Tournaments. The Lady Techsters, who are currently coached by Brooke Stoehr, also have had several notable achievements.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football

The team claims three football national titles (1972, 1973, and 1974). They have also won three regional football championships and 25 conference championships.