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Hype House is the name of a popular reality show, launched by Netflix in 2021. The Hype House is a TV project about a TikTok house, where young bloggers live and film TikTok social networking videos for an audience of millions.

Meaning and history

The reality show will follow the members of Hype House, a group of young TikTok stars under the age of 26 who live and shoot content together in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills,

Hype House was first founded by Petru, Hudson, and former member Daisy Keech in 2019 and represented a revolving door of some of Tiktok’s most popular creators: Charlie D’Amelio, the app’s most popular user, and her sister Dixie were once part of the collective before breaking up last year, and Addison Ray, estimated by Forbes To be the highest paid in 2020, TikToker has also frequently collaborated with the team.

126.4 million. That’s how many collective followers the eight members have on TikTok, not counting the massive followers on other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Hudson, the 18-year-old best known on TikTok as Lil Huddy, has the largest share of the group with 30.5 million followers on TikTok.

Hype House Logo

The visual identity of the tv-show is very bright and recognizable, though it looks too old-school for the project about young celebrities, connected to social media. The badge features two options for the background — black or yellow, and a stylized “Hype” inscription with each letter on one of the pastel shades — blue, pink, yellow, and orange, with a purple shadowing. Purple is also a color of the main logo element — the silhouette of the house.

The image is accompanied by the bright pink rectangular badge with the bold rounded “House” inscription in yellow capitals on it.

The colors of the inscription and emblem do not change with the color of the background (which can be plain white as well), though in black and yellow the logo looks completely different.

Font and color

The main “Hype” lettering is written in a soft and friendly handwriting typeface with elongated lines of the tall title case letters. The whole wordmark looks like it was drawn in crayon, thus evoking a sense of friendliness and delight. As for the “House”, it looks more cartoonish with extra-bold rounded lines of its capitals.

The bright color palette of the Hype House visual identity represents it as a show for everyone and about everyone, as there are absolutely different personalities taking part in it. The yellow background stands for energy and happiness, while when used in black it looks a bit glamorous and fancy.