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GQ is a monthly men’s magazine, based in New York, USA. It was founded in 1931 and focuses on style, popular entertainment and news stories.

Meaning and history

GQ Logo history

In 1958 the popular magazine was known under the name Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Gentlemen’s Quarterly was re-branded as GQ in 1967. The rate of publication was increased from quarterly to monthly in 1970.

GQ is a trendy and classy men’s magazine, it focuses on style and fashion tips, popular entertainment and news stories, sex and relationship advice, and other male-centric topics.

Being inspired by New York, GQ features mens’ fashion and style, and utilized different fonts to feel contemporary and hip.

For its logo GQ uses a bold typeface based on RTF Amethyst Light Italic. The GQ logo is usually black, but one more color scheme used by the brand is blue and red, where “G” wears scarlet red and “Q” – bright blue.