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Being a media company, the New York based BuzzFeed, Inc. has a laconic and distinctive logo.

Meaning and history

BuzzFeed Logo history

BuzzFeed is a news and entertainment site that features mostly short pieces of content, both promotional and not. The site is known for articles in list format, quizzes, and anything to do with popular memes.

Originally started as a small internet lab, today BuzzFeed is an international media company covering a wide range of topics from events in the world of politics to entertaining viral videos.

BuzzFeed was founded in 2006 and today it is an international media portal that owns BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed News, Nifty, Goodful, As/Is, Tasty, and HuffPost, which was bought in November 2020 from Verizon Media. BuzzFeed now has 18 offices around the world and over 1,300 employees.

The portal was created by Jonah Peretti as a trial platform for viral experiments. The creator’s idea was to create a social media site that accumulates everything the internet is buzzing about. Hence the name — “Buzz”, the buzzing of a bee.

By mid-2011, when Jonah Peretti finally got around to getting serious about his platform, BuzzFeed already had a monthly audience of 10 million unique users. Peretti decided it was time to take over the Internet and turn to serious journalism. So, BuzzFeed started hiring writing correspondents, and real journalistic reports started appearing on the site.

BuzzFeed is not only a media outlet with a wide variety of content, but also a competently built company that controls the entire production process, including technology, SMM promotion, statistics, and advertising. In addition, BuzzFeed is a pioneer of native advertising, having abandoned banners in favor of sponsored content from the very beginning.

2008 – 2019

BuzzFeed Logo 2008

BuzzFeed originated in 2006. In the beginning it was a viral lab but soon it turned into a global Internet entertainment and news company.

Having in mind to stick to a simple logo design, the founders opted for a wordmark logo and they still stick to it. The BuzzFeed logo focuses just on the platform’s name. It is red on white and written in different letter cases ‒ the letters “B”, “F” and “D” are in uppercase, and the rest are in lowercase. Though “D” is uppercase, it is the same size as the lowercase letters, which makes the wordmark even catchier and suggests some casualness.

2019 – Today

BuzzFeed logo
The logo also comes in other modifications. It can be used in reverse colors ‒ white on red. The icon for social media is always with the lettering of white color written in two lines against a red background.


BuzzFeed symbol

The font used for the BuzzFeed logo is Proxima Nova SemiBold, a geometric sans serif designed by Mark Simonson.


BuzzFeed Logo

The red color that has already become distinctive of the brand feels dynamic and suggests innovative thinking and entertainment. The hex code of the color is #ee3322.