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Hyatt Regency is a signature upper-upscale brand of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, a multinational hospitality company headquartered in Chicago, the US. It is also the oldest brand in the company.

Meaning and history

Hyatt Regency Logo history

The history of the Hyatt Regency brand started in 1967, the first property was Hyatt Regency Atlanta. According to the corporate website, the property opened its door to the country’s civil rights leaders who had been turned away by many other hospitality companies. The futuristic hotel, with its 22-story indoor atrium lobby, was designed by Atlanta architect John Portman.

In two years, the property in Hong Kong started working as Hyatt’s first international location.

As of 2020, Hyatt Regency hotels and resorts, which are proud of their large meeting spaces, include more than 175 locations in different corners of the globe.

Old Hyatt Regency logo (1990 – 2013)

Hyatt Regency Logo-1990

The previous logo looked almost exactly like the company’s main logo. You could see the familiar sans serif type and letters of varying heights (the central “A” being the highest). There was also a thin red crescent resembling the rising sun.

Below, the lettering “Regency” could be seen, which separated the logo from those of the company’s other brands. The type was simpler than that used for the main wordmark. It was a clean sans serif font featuring elongated glyphs. The width of the strokes was equal for all the letters and all their parts.

2013 – present

Hyatt Regency Logo

While the previous logo presented Hyatt Regency as just part of the company’s diverse portfolio, the current version emphasizes its independence.

You can see a different design, both in terms of the shape and palette. To begin with, a heavy hexagon emblem was introduced. The hexagon, which is made up of four parts of the circle, is inspired by the massive atrium lobby, which has been a visual signature of many Hyatt’s hotels.

Next to the emblem, the name of the brand can be seen. This time, the type used for both the words seems almost the same, although the name of the parent brand is bolder.

While the style of the font is pretty similar to the original sans serif one, it now has slightly different proportions. The glyphs on the current Hyatt Regency logo are wider (especially the “E’s”), which makes them better legible, too).