Best Western Logo

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Best Western Logo

Best Western is an American hotel-chain, which was established in 1946 and today has over 4 thousand of hotels across the globe, half of them in the USA and Canada.

Meaning and history

Best Western Logo history

The Best Western visual identity was redesigned in 2015 and changed its traditional blue and yellow badge with a crown to a contemporary and strong logo.

The Best Western logo is composed of a three-dimensional badge with a wordmark underneath it. The blue and white color palette of the brand’s visual identity is eye-catching and powerful.

The Best Western nameplate is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Costa Std font. It boasts smooth lines with playfully curved tails.

The inscription is instantly recognizable and has an individual character, full of passion and style. The Best Western emblem is a perfect complement to a contemporary wordmark.

Best Western Logo

The blue circle with a white “BW” monogram in the same typeface as the nameplate, looks glossy and dynamic. The lettering has a dark-blue shadow which creates a flying and fresh feeling.

The Best Western logo is laconic and clean, it is a perfect reflection of a strong hotel-chain with a good reputation and values of trust and loyalty.