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Best Western is an American hotel-chain, which was established in 1946 and today has over 4 thousand of hotels across the globe, half of them in the USA and Canada.

Meaning and history

Best Western Logo history

From the motels operating company to a world’s famous hotel chain, the Beat Western brand has had a pretty intense and successful history, and so did its logo, which evolved from a simple boring badge to something contemporary and sleek.

1950 – 1962

Best Western Logo 1950

The initial badge, designed for The Best Western Motels, comprised a smooth rectangular frame with bold blue lettering inside. The “Western” part of the nameplate was emboldened and placed in the middle of the emblem, being surrounded by smaller lettering from up and down.

1962 – 1966

Best Western Logo 1962

In 1962 the logo was redesigned to make the brand more recognizable and stand out in the list of competitors. The new emblem featured a bright yellow rectangle with a yellow and red crown on top. The wordmark was set on a yellow background in red and brown, with the “Western” parts emphasized again.

1966 – 1974

Best Western Logo 1966

The name of the company changed to “Best Western Motels” and the logo is being redrawn in 1966. The lines of the crown became more rounded and wide, and the letters of the inscription were cleaned and strengthened. As for the color palette, it remained the same, but the yellow gained a lighter shade.

1974 – 1984

Best Western Logo 1974

The “Motel” part was erased from the company’s name in 1974. The new logo fully repeated the colors and composition of the previous one, but the wordmark was now set in dark brown and executed in a smooth custom typeface with both parts equal in size.

1984 – 1993

Best Western Logo 1984

The redesign of 1984 placed the yellow emblem with the crown on a vertically oriented black rectangle with a double white and black outline and rounded angles. Under the yellow icon, there was a white sans-serif “Worldwide Lodging” tagline written in big capitals. The brown color of the main inscription was changed to black to balance the look of the image.

1993 – 2015

Best Western Logo 1993

The logo, created for the brand in 1993 was something new — a yellow serif inscription placed on a bright blue geometric background with a yellow and blue outline. Above the logotype, there was a contoured stylized crown in thin red lines, drawn resembling a letter “W”. This emblem still can be seen in some company’s locations.

2015 – Today

Best Western logo

The redesign of 2015 changed the style of the Best Western visual identity again. The new lettering is executed in a smooth and sleek custom typeface with the ends of the letters curved and looking fancy and playful. As for the emblem, it is composed of a glossy blue circle with the white “BW” in the same typeface on it. The dark and calm blue color palette of the refreshed logo evokes a sense of stability and comfort, showing the company as a reliable and professional one.

Best Western Logo