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Founded in 1979 by passionate surfer Bob Hurley, the brand originated as Hurley Surfboards, a modest factory-retail outlet nestled in the heart of Huntington Beach, California’s surf culture. Initially focused on crafting high-performance surfboards, the company quickly earned a reputation for innovation and quality among surfing enthusiasts. As the brand evolved, it expanded its product line to include surf-inspired apparel, embracing the vibrant and dynamic lifestyle of its customer base. Hurley’s commitment to excellence and its deep connection with the surf community have made it a beloved and influential name in the world of surfing, transcending beyond mere equipment to embody the spirit and freedom of the surfing lifestyle.

Meaning and history

Hurley logo history

After achieving remarkable success in developing the Billabong brand throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Bob Hurley made a strategic decision to refocus his efforts on his own namesake brand, Hurley, in 1998. This shift marked a return to his roots and a commitment to the core values and unique vision that had initially driven his career in the surf and skate industry. Under his leadership, Hurley rapidly gained popularity for its innovative approach to surfwear, integrating performance, style, and music influences into its designs. The brand resonated with a younger, more dynamic crowd, setting new trends in the surfwear industry.

In 2002, the Hurley brand attracted the attention of global sports giant Nike, leading to its acquisition. This partnership represented a significant milestone, as it combined Hurley’s deep understanding of surf culture and fashion with Nike’s extensive resources and expertise in sports technology and marketing. Despite the acquisition, Bob Hurley retained a pivotal role in the company, continuing as its CEO. This period was characterized by significant growth and expansion of the Hurley brand, with a focus on innovation in surfwear technology and a commitment to sustainability, aligning with evolving consumer values and environmental concerns.

Hurley logo

Bob Hurley’s tenure as CEO of the company he founded lasted until 2015, marking a period of nearly two decades of leadership. Throughout these years, Hurley maintained its reputation as a leading surfwear brand, consistently pushing the boundaries of design and technology. The company’s evolution under his guidance was not just about creating clothing and accessories but also about nurturing a lifestyle and culture deeply rooted in surfing, music, and art. His leadership was instrumental in shaping the brand’s identity and ensuring its sustained relevance and appeal in a competitive and ever-changing market.


Symbol Hurley

The Hurley logo, a symbol of the brand’s identity, is represented in two distinct versions that cater to varying contexts and applications. The comprehensive version of the logo artfully integrates the iconic “two surfboards” symbol alongside the brand’s name, creating a full representation of the company’s image. This version is often used in formal settings or in instances where brand recognition needs to be bolstered. On the other hand, the abbreviated version of the logo, which solely features the surfboards symbol, offers a minimalistic and sleek alternative. This version is particularly effective in situations where space is limited or a subtler brand presence is desired, such as on clothing labels or smaller merchandise.


Emblem Hurley

At the heart of the Hurley logotype lies the stylized letter “H”, a design element that has become synonymous with the brand. This emblem, notable for its unique construction from two parentheses – one facing inward and the other outward, is a clever representation of surfboards. This imagery resonates deeply with the brand’s surf culture roots. The effectiveness of this design is evident in its recognition; for many loyal customers and surf enthusiasts, the mere sight of the “H” emblem is enough to instantly identify the brand, even in the absence of the full wordmark. This level of brand recognition speaks volumes about the logo’s success in embedding itself in the public consciousness.


Font Hurley Logo

A key component of the Hurley brand’s visual identity is its custom typeface, meticulously designed to balance curves with sharp angles. This bespoke font, unique to Hurley, sets the brand apart in the marketplace, offering a distinctive typographic style that is both modern and versatile. While this typeface is exclusive to Hurley, there are certain fonts that bear a slight resemblance in their glyph structures, such as Futura Futuris Bold, Century Gothic, and Avant Garde Demi. These fonts share some similar characteristics but lack the unique flair and tailored design of the Hurley typeface, which is crafted to complement the brand’s overall aesthetic.


Color Hurley Logo

The Hurley logo’s color scheme, a classic contrast of white and black, plays a significant role in its visual impact. Typically, the logo features white text and symbols set against a dark or black background, creating a striking visual appeal. This color combination, while simple, is chosen to maximize visibility and recognition. However, Hurley also employs an inverted color scheme, where a black logotype is presented on a white background. This versatility in color allows the logo to maintain its contemporary edge and adaptability across various mediums. The choice of these timeless colors, combined with the minimalistic design of the emblem and the distinctive shape of the letters, ensures that the logo remains modern and relevant, despite its relatively simple color palette.