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Gloria Jeans is a Russian brand working in the fast fashion segment. The history of the brand began in 1988 when Vladimir Melnikov opened a firm called Gloria. It was the first firm in the USSR that manufactured denim products legally, according to the company’s website.

Meaning and history

Gloria Jeans Logo history

Before 2011

Gloria Jeans Logo old

The original Gloria Jeans logo featured the name of the company in an italicized sans. While all the letters were capitalized, the initials were larger than all the other glyphs. Interestingly, both the “G” and “J” were stretched below the line. Also, there was a horizontal bar below the name of the brand. The bar was broken down into two parts by the lower end of the “J.”

While the italics already added a dynamic feel to the design, the horizontal bar and the way it was positioned reinforced this impression.

2011 – 2013

Gloria Jeans Logo 2011

The wordmark has been given in various colors. Typically, it has been white over the dark blue background evocative of the company’s denim origins. You can also come across a red wordmark on the white background.

2013 – now

Gloria Jeans logo

“GJ” emblem

Emblem Gloria Jeans

This version features the letters “GJ” in a bold sans serif font. While the letters are italicized, like in the full logo, the glyphs belong to a different type. They do not have serifs, they are bolder and more rounded. Also, they look more dynamic than the initials in the full Gloria Jeans logo.