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Malagrida is the name of an Italian fashion brand, which was established in 1970 by Franco Malagrida. The brand is specialized in the design and production of men’s clothing in classic and casual styles. Today the apparel for a modern stylish man, created by the Italian brand can be found in stores across the globe.

Meaning and history

Malagrida is an Italian brand that has been specializing in men’s clothing since the beginning of the 1970s. Created by Franco Malagrida, the small brand evolved into a large label and still remains a family business, is owned by the kids of Franco, Sabrina, and Enzo.
This family direction of the business and several generations of its management also made the collection of the brand diverse: Malagrida offers classic and business suits for men, along with casual and everyday clothing. This brand is for everyone, and each piece of the collection boasts a great design and high-quality materials.
The true example of Italian taste and elegance, Malagrida offers shirts and t-shirts, suits and casual pants, fancy knitwear, and minimalistic decor, which will suit any man. In the collections of the brand, you can also find various accessories, from socks to bags.
The high-quality fabrics, sophisticated yet simple silhouettes, and calm prints, are three whales of the brand’s philosophy. And all of them are also reflected in the visual identity of Malagrida.
The brand values its roots and history, so it has never changed the logo, which was designed for Malagrida in the very beginning. The badge brilliantly reflects all the values of the fashion label and looks great on the tags and merchandising materials.

What is Malagrida?
Malagrida is an Italian menswear brand, which was established in the 1970s. Today the brand is still owned by the Malagrida family and offers a wide range of high-quality apparel for men, from classic and business outfits to casual knitwear.

The 1980s — Today

Malagrida Logo

The Malagrida logo is composed of two parts, which are not always used together: the delicate emblem and a stable logotype. The wordmark is set in all capitals of a bold and classy serif typeface, with wide letters and elongated pointed serifs. The font of the inscription is very similar to the iconic Times New Roman.
In addition to the wordmark, the company has a distinctive emblem. The contoured pictogram features the heads of two horses looking in opposite directions. The heads merge to form a single symbol, with a bold loop in between.
The pictogram can be used on its own for the tags of the apparel, but there is also a full Malagrida logo including the wordmark, which can be seen on the banners and all the advertising materials. The full logo also has a “Maglieria & Sportswear” tagline in the lowercase, written in a simple and clean sans-serif typeface.