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Dadi Auto Group is a Chinese automotive company specializing in the production of electric vehicles and automotive components. Founded by several entrepreneurs and automotive experts, the company is headquartered in China. It was established with the vision of creating sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. Dadi Auto focuses on integrating advanced technology in their EV designs, aiming to contribute to the global shift towards environmentally friendly and renewable energy-powered transportation. Their products range from personal EVs to commercial vehicles.

Meaning and history

Headquartered in China, Dadi Auto’s story is marked by a commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation. They started with conventional vehicles but swiftly transitioned to EVs, aligning with global environmental trends. Their portfolio expanded to include a range of personal and commercial EVs, highlighting their adaptability and technological prowess. Dadi Auto’s growth mirrored China’s rise in the EV sector, and they played a significant role in promoting renewable energy in transportation. Their journey, a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and environmental consciousness, positions them as a notable player in the automotive industry’s shift towards a greener future.

What is Dadi?
Dadi Auto Group is a prominent automotive manufacturer from China, renowned for its innovative approach in the industry. Specializing in electric vehicles (EVs) and related automotive components, the company has made significant strides in promoting sustainable transportation solutions. Their diverse range of products, from personal electric cars to commercial vehicles, reflects their commitment to environmental responsibility and technological advancement.


Dadi logo

The logo features a stylized circular emblem with a unique three-spoked design, evoking the image of a steering wheel. The symmetrical spokes divide the circle into five even, pie-like segments. Below this emblem, the word “DADI” is spelled out in bold, uppercase letters, with a clean and modern typeface that complements the simplicity and geometric nature of the icon above. The logo’s monochrome palette suggests sophistication and versatility.