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The history of the franchise started in 1993 in Wilmington, Delaware, where it has been located ever since.

Meaning and history

Wilmington Blue Rocks Logo history

The logo of the team Wilmington Blue Rocks, which belong to Minor League Baseball, is based on their mascot, Rocky Bluewinkle, a blue moose.

2003 — 2009

Wilmington Blue Rocks Logo 2003The old Wilmington Blue Rocks logo featured an axe showing through the letter “R.” The “R,” in its turn, was part of the emblem consisting of interlocking “B” and “R” in bright blue.

2010 — Today

Wilmington Blue Rocks logo

The insignia features the team’s mascot, Rocky Bluewinkle, in a navy blue cap. He’s blowing steam out of his nose in between the words “Blue” and “Rocks,” which are also given in navy blue.


Wilmington Blue Rocks logo

While the updated logo preserves the contrast of blue and yellow, the colors are now muted, more refined.

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