HTWO is the name of a Hyundai brand of hydrogen-fuel systems manufacturer, which was established in 2020. HTWO is focused on environmentally-friendly fuel solutions for the new generation vehicles. The first Hyundai auto with the hydrogen-fuel was introduced in 2013, and since then the company has improved and extended its technology.

Meaning and history

HTWO is a young brand that only has one logo version designed for it in 2020. The minimalist and bright emblem represents the progressive and innovative approach of the brand, reflecting its confidence and energy. All the lines of the HTWO badge are clean and straight, and its modest color palette is built on just two colors.

The emblem of the new Hyundai brand, which main target is creating an eco-friendly fuel, is composed of a bright minimalist symbol, placed above the strict black lettering. The light blue symbol of the brand looks like a stylized letter “H” — two vertical lines placed on the sides from the simple straight cross.

HTWO is the brand, built on two pillars — Hydrogen and Humanity — and these two “H”s are reflected in the icon of the brand, being connected with the “plus” sign.

The minimalism of the graphical part of the HTWO visual identity is supplemented by a very simple and neat logotype, which has no designer elements or unique features. Everything is clean, clear, and straightforward, just like the idea and aim of the brand.


Font and color

The capitalized HTWO inscription, written in black under the light blue brand’s emblem, is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to such popular fonts as Cyntho Next Bold, Draft C Semi Bold, and Creata Medium, with their full letter shapes, distinct contours and clean lines.

The color palette of the HTWO visual identity is composed of bright blue, the shade in between sky-blue and turquoise, and black for the lettering. Both elements are placed on a white background, without any framing or additions.

Blue is a commonly known symbol of reliability and safety, while in this exact case it also represents the main focus of the brand, hydrogen, and depicts fresh air and natural energy.

Black adds a touch of professionalism and experience, which the mother brand of HTWO, Hyundai, brings to the process, along with its authority and expertise.

Working together, blue and black represent stability, freshness, and progressiveness. This is a light and timeless combination, which makes the logo eye-catching and memorable.

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