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Horki, a sub-brand of the well-established Kia Motors, was introduced to cater to the Chinese automobile market. Owned by the Kia-Hyundai alliance, Horki specializes in producing a range of vehicles tailored for local tastes and preferences. The company primarily operates within China, leveraging Kia’s vast expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demands of Chinese consumers.

Meaning and history

Horki Logo

Founded in 2013 by the Kia-Hyundai alliance, Horki was introduced as a dedicated automobile brand for the Chinese market. Since its inception, Horki has showcased a plethora of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, addressing the diverse tastes of Chinese clientele. Some of its notable achievements include quickly establishing a strong foothold in the market and introducing vehicles with advanced tech and safety features. Presently, Horki continues to thrive in China, riding on the wave of Kia’s reputation and backed by Hyundai’s immense industry experience.

What is Horki?
Horki is an automaker brand, established in 2013 as a sub-brand of Kia Motors, specifically catering to the Chinese market. It is a result of the Kia-Hyundai alliance and produces a variety of vehicles for local Chinese consumers.