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The Horizon League was established in 1979 under the name of the Midwestern City Conference. The current name was adopted in 2001. As of 2019, there are 10 member institutions located in and near the Midwestern United States.

Meaning and history

Logo Horizon League

While the current Horizon League logo looks pretty different from the previous one, the designer has still managed to preserves some of the brand’s heritage. Both the old and updated logos feature an arch (or a swoosh) in burnt orange. In both logos, a simple sans serif type is used.

The current version is more minimalistic and better legible because the human figure, which could be seen on the previous emblem, has disappeared.

What is Horizon League?
The Horizon League is an NCAA Division I athletic conference composed of ten member universities located in the Midwestern United States. It organizes and governs various intercollegiate sports competitions among its member institutions.

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