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The logo of the athletic teams representing the United States Naval Academy has been incredibly consistent. It has remained virtually intact for over 70 years.

Meaning and history

Navy Midshipmen Logo history

Tracing its origins to the establishment of the United States Naval Academy in 1845, the Navy Midshipmen’s identity is deeply intertwined with the history of this prestigious institution in Annapolis, Maryland. The term “Midshipmen” refers to the student athletes representing the Naval Academy in intercollegiate sports. The Academy’s prime objective has always been to educate and train officers for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, and this ethos is mirrored in the discipline and teamwork of its sports teams. Notably, the Navy football team is celebrated for its enduring rivalry with the Army Black Knights, culminating in the annual Army-Navy Game, a centerpiece of American college football tradition. The men’s lacrosse team, with multiple NCAA tournament appearances and national titles, has also cemented a formidable legacy in collegiate lacrosse.

In the current landscape of college sports, the Navy Midshipmen continue to exemplify the fusion of athletic prowess and academic dedication. Competing primarily in the NCAA Division I, they align with the Patriot League for most sports, while their renowned football team is a member of the American Athletic Conference. This enduring commitment to excellence in both the sporting arena and academic pursuits symbolizes the broader mission of the Naval Academy – to develop leaders who embody honor and integrity, resonating with the values and traditions of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

What is Navy Midshipmen?
The Navy Midshipmen are the embodiment of the United States Naval Academy’s athletic spirit, competing across various NCAA Division I sports. They stand as a testament to the academy’s commitment to molding leaders who excel in both athletic endeavors and academic disciplines, upholding the esteemed traditions and values of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

1906 – 1969

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1906

In 1942, a much simpler emblem was adopted. It was dominated by a large block “N” in navy blue over the white background. While the letter itself looked totally generic, the star in the top right corner added the visual reference to the Navy and the United States, as stars are among the most important elements of the country’s flag.

Navy Midshipmen Logo

1969 – 1996

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1969
This logo is a depiction of their mascot – a white human-like ram, mostly colored white. He’s holding a grey anchor in his hands and wears a dark blue jersey. In its center, there’s a yellow letter ‘N’ and a star nearby, like on the previous designs.

1996 – 2009

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1996
This time, they used the same tropes, but made the ram into a more animal-like shape. It was now charging into something out-of-vision, had bright yellow horns and wore a blue cloth on its back. On it, there was also the usual ‘N’ emblem (in yellow), but with two stars.

2009 – 2014

Navy Midshipmen Logo 2009
The color scheme was bleached by 2009, making all the yellow bits pale brown.

2014 – Today

Navy Midshipmen logo
We should also mention the gold version of the Navy Midshipmen logo. Apart from the color, it looks almost exactly as the navy one. Additionally, there is the word “Navy” under the emblem and dark blue trim.

Navy Midshipmen football

Navy Midshipmen football logo

The team is part of the NCAA Division I FBS. It earned its only national championship in 1926. They shared the title with Stanford and Alabama. Also, they can boast two Division championships. So far, the Navy Midshipmen have participated in 23 bowl games.

As of 2019, the head coach is Ken Niumatalolo. The team plays its home games at the Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The last season when they played as an FBS independent school finished in 2014.

Navy Midshipmen Colors

HEX COLOR: #00205B
RGB: (0, 32, 91)
CMYK: (100, 85, 5, 36)

RGB: (197, 183, 131)
CMYK: (9, 12, 47, 18)