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The logo of the athletic teams representing the United States Naval Academy has been incredibly consistent. It has remained virtually intact for over 70 years.

Meaning and history

Navy Midshipmen logo history

1917 – 1941

Navy Midshipmen Logo-1917

The Academy’s history has preserved the old Navy Midshipmen logo used in 1917-1941. Here, you could see the word “Navy” in an intricate typeface. Each of the glyphs looked unique, but we can hardly perceive any visual logic behind their shape. Most likely, they were just supposed to look like precious items and echo the shape of the anchor that could be seen below. The “N” was by far larger than all the other letters.

The palette looked pretty memorable and recognizable. The combination of various shades of yellow and orange with the black background conjured up the images of a flame burning in the darkness.

1942 – Today

Navy Midshipmen Logo

In 1942, a much simpler emblem was adopted. It was dominated by a large block “N” in navy blue over the white background. While the letter itself looked totally generic, the star in the top right corner added the visual reference to the Navy and the United States, as stars are among the most important elements of the country’s flag.

We should also mention the gold version of the Navy Midshipmen logo. Apart from the color, it looks almost exactly as the navy one. Additionally, there is the word “Navy” under the emblem and dark blue trim.

Navy Midshipmen football

Navy Midshipmen football logo

The team is part of the NCAA Division I FBS. It earned its only national championship in 1926. They shared the title with Stanford and Alabama. Also, they can boast two Division championships. So far, the Navy Midshipmen have participated in 23 bowl games.

As of 2019, the head coach is Ken Niumatalolo. The team plays its home games at the Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The last season when they played as an FBS independent school finished in 2014.