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Hawtai Motor is a Chinese automotive and investment company. Established by Zhang Xiugen, its headquarters are in Beijing, China. Hawtai Motor specializes in producing SUVs and sedans, and it also has operations in electric vehicle manufacturing. The company was created to innovate in China’s rapidly growing automotive industry, focusing on developing robust vehicles with modern designs and technologies. Hawtai Motor aims to compete both in the domestic Chinese market and internationally, emphasizing quality and affordability in its products.

Meaning and history

Hawtai Motor, a trailblazer in China’s automotive sector, was founded in 2000 by Zhang Xiugen. Originating in Beijing, this firm embarked on a mission to revolutionize the Chinese auto industry. Initially, Hawtai focused on producing robust SUVs and sedans, quickly establishing a reputation for quality and innovation. In its early years, Hawtai expanded rapidly, capitalizing on China’s burgeoning car market.

The company’s journey includes significant partnerships and technological advancements. In 2010, Hawtai entered a strategic alliance with Hyundai, enhancing its technical capabilities and design expertise. This collaboration was pivotal, allowing Hawtai to integrate advanced technologies into its vehicles.

Hawtai’s evolution didn’t stop there. Recognizing the global shift towards sustainable transportation, the company ventured into electric vehicle (EV) production, aiming to be at the forefront of the green revolution in the automotive industry. Its investment in EV technology signifies a commitment to eco-friendly solutions and future-focused innovations.

Despite challenges, including competition in the domestic and international markets, Hawtai has maintained its commitment to quality, affordability, and technological advancement. Today, it stands as a symbol of Chinese entrepreneurial spirit and automotive ingenuity, continuously striving to make a mark on the global stage.

What is Hawtai Motor?
Hawtai Motor, established in 2000 in Beijing by Zhang Xiugen, stands as a dynamic player in China’s automotive landscape. Specializing in producing SUVs and sedans, it also delves into electric vehicle technology, reflecting China’s drive towards innovative and sustainable transportation solutions. This company embodies a blend of robust engineering and forward-thinking design, marking its presence in both domestic and international markets.


Hawtai logo

The logo features a bold, metallic grey emblem that evokes a sense of strength and mobility. It’s a stylized ‘H’ within an oval, symbolizing Hawtai Motor’s focus on automotive excellence. The company name, “HAWTAI,” is presented in capital letters, asserting a strong corporate identity. The font is modern, with a slight italic tilt, suggesting forward movement and dynamism. Overall, the logo’s design encapsulates the essence of a modern, progressive car manufacturer poised for the future.