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Grolsch is one of the beer brands, owned by Asahi Group Holdings, founded in Netherlands in 1615 by Willem Neerfeldt. As of February 2006, Grolsch was the second largest brewer in the Netherlands.

Meaning and history

Grolsch logo

The main and the most recognizable part of the Grolsch logo is it’s wordmark. It’s fresh and energetic typeface is close to Mustardo font. The font is back-lit and has been fashioned from hand-crafted metal to make it stand out from the other beer taps on the bar. The green color of the lettering conveys the brand values of excitement, warmth, youthfulness and quality.

The Grolsch wordmark is sized and positioned so that the edges of it are always cut off in some way, no matter how you look at it.

Another element of the Grolsch logo is the red heritage mark with two hops and a swingtop, which shows the brand’s story (Grolsch is brewed using two different hops).

The color palette of the logo is very minimalistic – green typeface, red emblem and a white background. The white based color is very refreshing and differentiated yet ensures beer-cues.

The Grolsch logo design is rooted, connected to the past, showing 400 years of authenticity, but in an up-to-date interpretation.

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