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Schofferhofer is one of Germany’s leading beer brands, launched in 1978 and brewed in Bavarian tradition using wheat malt. The brand is a part of Radeberger Gruppe.

Meaning and history

Schofferhofer logo

Schöfferhofer is named for the former house of Peter Schöffer in which a brewery was founded. His portrait is the Schofferhofer logo now.

In addition to the portrait on a gold background, the Schofferhofer logo contains an elegant gothic-style wordmark, executed in black.

Schofferhofer beer is famous due to variety of interesting tastes – orange, grapefruit and even pomegranate infused beer.  The illustration on the package guides the audiences to find out which flavor the beer is.

The brand design and packaging presents the combination of tradition and new age by using simple shapes, inspired by German contemporary style and the Bauhaus.

The use of color comes from the German flag—black, red, and yellow, as well as colors associated with the Bauhaus movement.