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For much of the history of Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC), its logo has featured a double arrow. This does not mean that the design has remained unchanged: you can notice modifications in both the palette and shape.

Meaning and history

Detroit Diesel Logo history

1977 – 1989

Detroit Diesel Logo old

Before the current logo, the company used several other versions where yellow and red were added to the black-and-white color scheme.

In one version, the double arrow was positioned above the words “Detroit Diesel” placed in two lines and separated from each other by a horizontal red bar.

Detroit Diesel old Logo

In another version, the arrows were placed inside a black ring housing the name of the brand. Also, we can mention an old Detroit Diesel logo where, vice versa, the lettering “Detroit Diesel” could be seen inside the ring made up by the two arrows.

2011 – Today

Detroit Diesel Logo

In the current Detroit Diesel logo, the double arrow has the white filling and black outline. Each of the arrows forms a semi-circle, so together they form a ring.

To the right, there is the word “Detroit” in a sans serif type. The letters are pretty flat. They are based on a rectangular shape, although they have rounded corners. While the type is bold enough to provide decent legibility, it does not look heavy.

The primary version is flat. You can also come across a 3D version, where the background is black, while the letters feature several shades of silver adding some depth.