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Carlson is a brand of a hotel chain of the Radisson Hotel Group (former Carlson Hotels), established in 1986 as a middle-class hotels brand in Minnesota, USA. The brand was founded by Curt Carlson and managed by the Carlson family.

Meaning and history

Carlson Logo

The Carlson logo is all about fine lines and sophistication. Thin serif typeface in medium beige with a two colored flower-like emblem above it.

Yellow and red colors of the icon are complemented by the “Hotel” red modern and clean typeface.

It’s a very light and elegant logo, which gives a feeling of freshness and refinement, executed with attention to details.

The color palette is warm and welcoming, reflecting the main values of hospitality and high-class service. Modesty and elegance – two main characteristics for The Carlson logo.

What is Carlson?
Carlson is a multinational company specializing in travel and hospitality services. It operates a portfolio of hotels, resorts, and travel management services globally, offering a range of accommodation options and travel solutions to its customers.

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