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The professional American ice hockey team Grand Rapids Griffins was founded in 1996 as part of the International Hockey League. Today, it’s the AHL affiliate to the NHL’s club Detroit Red Wings.

Meaning and history

Grand Rapids Griffins Logo history

The Grand Rapids Griffins, a professional ice hockey team based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was founded in 1996. This team marked its inception as a part of the International Hockey League (IHL) before joining the American Hockey League (AHL) in 2001, where it currently competes as the primary affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Detroit Red Wings. The Griffins’ establishment was driven by a group of investors led by Dan DeVos and David Van Andel, reflecting a strong local commitment to ice hockey and sports in the region.

Throughout their history, the Grand Rapids Griffins have achieved notable successes, making them a prominent figure in American ice hockey. They secured their first major victory by winning the Turner Cup in the 1999–2000 IHL season. Later, in the AHL, they continued their success, winning the Calder Cup twice, first in 2013 and again in 2017. These achievements underscore their competitive spirit and dedication to the sport. Their consistent performance has not only brought pride to their local fans but also contributed significantly to the development of numerous players who went on to have successful careers in the NHL.

Currently, the Grand Rapids Griffins continue to maintain a significant position in the AHL. They are recognized for their strong developmental role, nurturing young talents for the Detroit Red Wings. The team plays its home games at the Van Andel Arena, a hub for sports and entertainment in Grand Rapids. With a dedicated fan base and a commitment to excellence, the Griffins remain a vital part of the city’s cultural and sporting landscape, continually striving for success in the competitive realm of professional ice hockey.

What is Grand Rapids Griffins?
The Grand Rapids Griffins is a professional ice hockey team in the American Hockey League (AHL), affiliated with the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. Established in 1996, they play at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and have won the Calder Cup twice.

1996 — 2002

Grand Rapids Griffins Logo 1996

The original logo, which was adopted in advance of the 1996/97 playing season, sported a griffin standing at his full height, with broad wings and scary claws. The creature had the full name of the team below.

2002 — 2015

Grand Rapids Griffins Logo 2002

In 2001 and 2002, the color scheme was slightly modified.

2015 — Today

Grand Rapids Griffins logo

Not long before the 2015/16 playing season, an entirely new Grand Rapids Griffins logo was introduced. Here, only the upper part of the bird’s body was depicted, while all the rest was hidden behind the inscription “Griffins” in white.


Colors Grand Rapids Griffins Logo

The palette features black, red, silver, white, and gold. The two colors that dominate the Grand Rapids Griffins logo are gold and red.