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The Rapid City Rush play professional hockey for Rapid City, South Dakota. The team name derives presumably from Mount Rushmore, the main attraction in South Dakota after it was carved into gigantic busts of four US presidents.

Besides, the name “Rush” has some symbolic meaning ‒ an ice hockey team bearing such a name should be fast and vigorous. And what is more, it goes in line with the name of their location ‒ Rapid City.

Meaning and history

Rapid City Rush Logo history

2008 — 2014

Rapid City Rush Logo 2008

The Rapid City Rush logo looks as if the franchise didn’t put much effort into designing it. It features only one element ‒ a stylized “rushing” letter “R” in red color outlined in white, gold and black.

2014 — Today

Rapid City Rush logo

The team have kept their primary logo unchanged since it was unveiled in 2008.

Rapid City Rush emblem

Alternate Logos

Besides the primary logo they have two alternate logos which incorporate more details. One of them features the four presidential busts in gold against a red circle with a black outlining and “Rapid City” written in white on the top. At the bottom there is the team name with the same stylized letter “R” and a soaring puck.
Rapid City Rush Alternate Logos
The latter is the team name against the background of a grinning red-beard cowboy holding a bandaged hockey stick on his shoulder.