Rochester Americans Logo

Rochester Americans Logo

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As an ice hockey team with a more than half a century history, the Rochester Americans have gone through several logos.

Meaning and history

Rochester Americans Logo history

1956 — 1957

Rochester Americans Logo 1956

The original Rochester Americans logo, which was introduced in advance of the 1956/57 playing season, featured a large red “R” with the word “Americans” in smaller letters placed over it.

1957 — 1969

Rochester Americans Logo 1957

Only three years later, the team adopted an emblem that looked like a shield shape cut out of the American flag. The shield was rotated diagonally.

1969 — 1972

Rochester Americans Logo 1969

After using an emblem looking like a red mountain in a circle for one playing season in 1971/72, the team returned to its American flag shield.

1972 — Today

Rochester Americans logo

Now, the crest was rotated at a different angle and had the team’s name written across it. It was slightly updated two times.


Colors Rochester Americans Logo

What has remained almost intact, except for minor shifts, throughout more than 50 years of the team’s history, is the color palette inspired by the American flag.