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Gordini, a well-regarded French automobile engineering and racing establishment, is under the ownership of the Renault group. Recognized for its high-performance engine tuning capabilities, the company operates predominantly in France, delivering unparalleled performance upgrades for various Renault vehicles.

Meaning and history

Gordini Logo history

Gordini was established by Amedée Gordini, an Italian-born race car driver and mechanic, in 1946. The company earned its reputation by significantly enhancing the performance of Renault cars, leading to various motorsport victories throughout the mid-20th century. Today, Gordini is under the Renault umbrella, where it continues to innovate, providing high-performance modifications for the brand’s lineup.

What is Gordini?
Gordini is a French company known for its expertise in automobile engineering and racing. It operates under the Renault group, specializing in high-performance tuning of Renault cars.

1946 – ????

Gordini Logo 1946

The logo features the name of the company on a white background with a thin border of the same blue color as the inscription. The logo would not look as unique if it was not for the characters that morphed to create an elongated hexagon shape. They not only had a different height but also width. This created an illusion of perspective, with the center of the inscription appearing to be closer than its ends. This technique also added dynamics to the logo. It is a perfect small detail that not only makes the logo look better but also makes an association with the movement of automobiles made by the company and the brand’s progress. The company chose a sans-serif geometric font that went well with the general idea.

???? – now

Gordini Logo

This is another simple, yet distinctive brand image. The company’s initial serves as the key element of this emblem. Its bold, sans-serif font gives an impression of a solid company, which is enhanced by the use of a blue color. The latter is typically associated with loyalty, trust, confidence, stability, and intelligence. Two white vertical lines that run through the letter on the left add another personal touch. At the bottom of one of them, the viewer can see the full name of the company. It is printed along the vertical line using a sharp, old-style sans-serif font that featured thin strokes that were combined with thicker vertical ones on the left side of the letter.