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Zhidou, a Chinese electric vehicle brand, was established through a joint venture between Xindayang Group and Geely Group. Originating in China, Zhidou specializes in producing micro electric vehicles (EVs), primarily targeting urban commuters. These compact, eco-friendly cars cater to the growing demand for efficient and sustainable urban transportation solutions. Zhidou’s creation reflects China’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting electric mobility in congested city environments.

Meaning and history

Zhidou Logo history

The history of Zhidou, a Chinese electric vehicle brand, began in 2006 with the development of small electric cars. By 2007, collaborations with Italian companies Greengo and SCE were established. The first vehicle, named ZD, was sent to Europe in 2008. In 2010, a research center was opened in Shanghai, followed by a production facility in Yinan in 2011. Zhidou gained European regulatory compliance in 2012, passed quality tests in 2013, and was selected for a car-sharing project in Italy in 2014. Zhidou Electric Vehicle was officially founded in January 2015 as a joint venture, including Geely holding a significant stake. However, Geely divested its shares in 2016. The brand faced financial difficulties by 2019.

What is Zhidou?
Zhidou is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, known for its micro electric vehicles (EVs). It was established as a joint venture, including significant involvement from Geely, a renowned automotive company. Zhidou’s vehicles are primarily designed for urban environments, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for city transportation.

2015 – 2017

Zhidou Logo 2015

The “D” in the logo resembles an electric plug, cleverly alluding to the company’s focus on electric vehicles. This design choice merges the initial of the brand with a universal symbol for electricity, reinforcing the company’s identity in the EV market. The green backdrop further emphasizes their commitment to environmental sustainability.

2017 – 2021

Zhidou logo

The updated logo maintains the iconic “ZD” initials but now adopts a sleek black-and-white color scheme. The silver rim has been replaced with a black border, giving the logo a more modern and sophisticated look. The vibrant green background has been substituted with a classic black, enhancing the contrast and making the white “ZD” stand out more sharply. The “D” still retains its clever electric plug shape, but the new monochromatic palette adds a touch of elegance while maintaining the brand’s identity in the electric vehicle market. This new design encapsulates a blend of modernity, sophistication, and commitment to electric technology.

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