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Gogoplay1 is the name of a web portal that offers a huge collection of anime movies and series along with subtitles to all of them. The website is being updated regularly, so here you can find all the latest releases in different categories.

Meaning and history

Gogoplay1 boasts one of the largest catalogs of anime content available online for free. The website offers a collection of videos (both movies and series), as well as subs to them. On Gogoplay1 you can both watch video online or download it to your device absolutely for free and with no registration.

The platform is easy to use, with a simple and convenient menu, and the main page showing all the latest updates. Here you can be sure not to miss the last episode of your favorite anime series.

What is Gogoplay1?

Gogoplay1 is a web platform with one of the largest online collections of anime-related content. The website offers animated series and movies, available both for online streaming and downloading, as well as subtitles.

As for the visual identity, Gogoplay1 is simple yet confident. The website uses a bright bold emblem for all the needs — as a primary logo for all the pages, and as a web icon.

2020 – Today

Gogoplay1 Logo

The Gogoplay1 visual identity uses a juicy and bright circular emblem as its only element. The emblem is composed of a solid orange roundel with a bold stylized letter “V” in white. The letter looks like a folded ribbon, with two parts overlapping. The smooth softened ends of the ribbon add elegance and friendliness to the logo.

As for the web icon of the portal, it is the same smooth “V” on a solid circular medallion, but the medallion here features a calm medium-gray shade, which looks confident and professional.

Both colors of the logo, orange and gray, show the website from different sides and emphasize its strong points — from progressiveness to trustworthiness.