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Pets4Homes is currently a leading online pet marketplace in the UK, facilitating the adoption and sale of a wide range of pets. It supports millions of users every month in finding new animal companions. The platform, which prioritizes animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, was acquired by Pet Media Group in August 2019. Pets4Homes operates predominantly within the UK market, ensuring that transactions between pet buyers and sellers are safe, ethical, and convenient.

Meaning and history

Born from the deep-rooted love for animals by a couple in Blackburn, Pets4Homes sprang to life in 2008, not as a commercial venture but as a pastime that reflected the founders’ compassion for animal well-being. The platform quickly resonated with breeders and pet seekers who shared a similar ethos on the treatment of animals, heralding a new standard in the pet adoption community.

As the website’s reputation for stringent welfare standards grew, so did its user base. Within seven years, it had blossomed into the premier virtual meeting place for those looking to add a new pet to their homes. Its reputation for stringent welfare standards and fostering responsible pet companionship was well-established.

With this solid foundation, the baton was passed to Pet Media Group in the waning months of 2019. The new guardians of the Pets4Homes legacy pledged to not only maintain but also to build upon the secure and compassionate environment that Mark and Stacey had nurtured. They aimed to expand the site’s role as a beacon for safe and ethical pet matchmaking, and to continue to champion the cause of turning chance encounters on their website into cherished, lifelong relationships between pets and their human families. The vision was clear: to elevate Pets4Homes to the pinnacle of pet adoption services, ensuring every animal found a loving, forever home.


Pets4Homes Logo

The visual trademark of Pets4Homes is a distinctive synthesis that combines the figure of an animal and its abode, symbolizing its commitment to uniting pets with loving homes. Drenched in a restful green hue, the logo radiates vitality and a fresh start, reflecting the company’s dedication to nurturing life. The name “Pets4Homes” stands boldly in all caps, embodying a firm and consistent presence, mirroring the company’s mission to assure the welfare of pets with certainty and care. Altogether, the logo’s design communicates the platform’s contemporary, ethical stance and its commitment to straightforward, compassionate matchmaking between pets and prospective owners.

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