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Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform, which is used for online storage and analytics, as well as networking and other services. It was created in 2010 and was originally called Windows Azure.

Meaning and history

Microsoft Azure Logo history

2010 – 2011

Microsoft Azure Logo 2010
The initial 2010 logo was based off the contemporary Windows 7 logotype. It meant a wavy ‘window’ emblem, as well as the word ‘Windows’ exactly as written on the original, followed by the word ‘Azure’ in the same style. The coloring for the emblem was azure, but there was also an excessive amount of an illumination effect.

2011 – 2012

Microsoft Azure Logo 2011
In 2011, they decide to remove the lighting, making the logo plain and monochrome.

2012 – 2014

Microsoft Azure Logo 2012
Windows 8 came out in 2014, and the logo was thus updated. The service also changed the name from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure, and that was reflected on the wordmark. Speaking of it, it also became azure in color. As for the emblem, it was updated to the one used with Windows 8, but nothing else changed.

2014 – 2021

Microsoft Azure Logo 2014
The old logo didn’t contain the emblem. There was only the name of the brand in a bright and light shade of blue – it looked lighter than the current one. The type was the same, though.

2017 – 2021

Microsoft Azure Logo 2017

Named after the shade of the blue color, Microsoft Azure’s visual identity is fully based on that sky-blue.

The Microsoft Azure logo is composed of a traditional wordmark and an emblem on its left. The inscription is executed in Microsoft’s signature typeface, which is Segoe.

The “Microsoft” part features thinner lines than the “Azure” one, which puts an emphasis on the software, not its developer.

The Azure emblem is a geometrical figure, composed of one big triangle with a white triangular cut part on its left, and a quadrangle with its pointed upper right peak.

The Microsoft Azure logo is instantly recognizable as a Microsoft brand, as it shares the same principles of the visual identity as all the other products of the legendary company. It is clear, neat and strong.

The bright blue color with white accents is a reflection of professionalism and reliability, as well as loyalty and transparency of the company.

2017 – Today

Microsoft Azure logo
Two more additional logotypes were adopted in 2017. The first one used Windows symbols, in particular – the multicolored ‘window’ emblem. The name of the service was written in bold grey letters to its immediate right. The second is a blue letter ‘A’ made from a single piece of ribbon (or so it seems). This one was adopted as an icon.