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The Gianvito Rossi logo seems to be mathematically balanced like the brand’s iconic product, the stiletto shoe.

Meaning and history

The Italian shoe designer Gianvito Rossi introduced his first collection at the 2006 Spring/Summer Milan Fashion Week. His interest in shoe-making was pretty natural as he is the son of Sergio Rossi, who used to create footwear for Versace in the 1990s. The brand’s stores can be found in different corners of the world, from Hong Kong to Paris and Miami.

Some of the distinctive features of the shoes made by Gianvito Rossi include punched-out straps and elongated backs.

Logo Gianvito Rossi

While the logo appears to have been written by hand, you will hardly find the casual touch characteristic for almost any handwriting. Each of the letters has a perfectly engineered shape and features refined proportions. And of course, the letters have a calligraphic effect to them because of the varying widths of the strokes.

The most distinctive letters in the Gianvito Rossi logo are the initials, the “G” and “R,” both having a slightly unusual shape and disconnected from all the other letters.

Gianvito logo

All these features seem to perfectly convey the message behind the brand as Gianvito Rossi is best known as the creator of the mathematically balanced stiletto, which is neither too high nor too pointy.