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WeBuyAnyCar, a car buying service, was established in 2006 by Noel and Darren McKee. The company offers a straightforward and quick process for selling cars, aiming to simplify the car selling experience. WeBuyAnyCar operates extensively, with over 500 locations in the UK and 170 in the United States, indicating its substantial market presence in both regions. The UK headquarters are located in Hook, Hart, Hampshire, England, and the US headquarters in Media, Pennsylvania.

Meaning and history

WeBuyAnyCar, established in 2006 by Noel and Darren McKee, revolutionized car selling with its hassle-free, online-based service. Initially focused on the UK market, the company expanded its reach and reputation through its unique approach to car buying.

The company’s first significant ownership change occurred in 2013 when it was acquired by British Car Auctions (BCA), a key player in the used car marketplace. This acquisition marked a new phase in WeBuyAnyCar’s growth trajectory.

In November 2019, the company underwent another ownership transition. TDR Capital, a private equity group, completed the purchase of BCA, WeBuyAnyCar’s parent company, for £1.9 billion. This acquisition underlined the company’s substantial market value and growth potential.

Throughout its history, WeBuyAnyCar has remained focused on simplifying the car selling process, offering quick and convenient transactions for car owners. With over 670 branches across the UK and the USA, the company has solidified its position as a leading service in the automotive resale market, maintaining a strong emphasis on user convenience and efficient service​​​​​​.


Webuyanycar Logo

The Webuyanycar logo features a playful yet straightforward design, capturing the essence of the company’s straightforward approach to car trading. It employs lowercase lettering for its name, imparting a friendly and accessible vibe, with the term ‘car’ emphasized in bold black to denote its automotive focus. Hovering above the text, a quintet of stylized car icons parade in a spectrum of hues, symbolizing the brand’s inclusive policy of purchasing any vehicle, irrespective of make, model, or color. The slogan ‘Selling Made Simple’ beneath, in a matching shade of green, reinforces the brand’s commitment to an effortless customer experience. This logo is a visual pledge of the brand’s easy and inclusive service ethos.

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