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Before 1995, the logo of the athletic program of Georgetown University featured Jack the Bulldog, their mascot. Eventually, the large “G” became the primary logo, while the bulldog remained in use as a secondary logo.

Meaning and history

Georgetown Hoyas Logo history

Let’s start the history of the Georgetown Hoyas logo from the design introduced in 1963. Like most of the following versions, it featured the head of Jack the Bulldog. Here, it was given in white with a rather bright blue outline. In 1966, the logo was redrawn. In comparison with its predecessor, the updated bulldog gained some weight and looked more serious. It was facing to the left.

1978 – 1995

Georgetown Hoyas Logo-1978

In 1970, the bulldog altered the direction of its muzzle – it was now looking to the right, but the design itself looks pretty similar to the previous version.

In 1985 and 2003, the bulldog logo was redrawn once again.

1995 – Now

Georgetown Hoyas Logo

However, in 1995, it lost the status of the primary logo, which was given to the large dark blue “G.”

Both the university’s official colors, blue and gray, are used on the Georgetown Hoyas logo. The colors are connected with the university’s history. The so-called Prussian blue was widely used in Union uniforms, while the shade known under the name of cadet grey was used in Confederate uniforms. The combination of blue and gray was first used as part of the athletic identity of Georgetown University in 1876.

Georgetown Hoyas basketball

Georgetown Hoyas basketball logo

The men’s team competes in NCAA Division I and the Big East Conference. In fact, it is the university’s most popular and successful program. They played their first official game in 1907 and have achieved the NCAA Tournament Final Four five times. The Hoyas are coached by Patrick Ewing.

Georgetown Hoyas football

Georgetown Hoyas football logo

The football program boasts a long history. While the Hoyas’ first recorded games took place in 1887, in fact, their roots can be traced back to 1874. They have been among the country’s best college football teams in the 1940s. Today, they compete in the Division I Football Championship Subdivision level of college football.

Georgetown Hoyas baseball

Georgetown Hoyas baseball logo

Baseball is the university’s oldest program – it started in 1866. The team has never appeared in the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. The Hoyas play their home games at Shirley Povich Field. Earlier, the team played under the name of the Stonewalls.

Georgetown Hoyas soccer

Georgetown Hoyas soccer logo

The team created in 1952 has competed in NCAA Tournament four times. They have reached the Big East Tournament 19 times and even competed in the final in 2012. Coached by Brian Wiese, the Hoyas use North Kehoe Field as their home arena.

Georgetown Hoyas Colors

HEX COLOR: #041E42;
RGB: (4, 30, 66)
CMYK: (100, 68, 0, 54)

RGB: (141, 129, 123)
CMYK: (40, 35, 40, 15)

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