Ferris State Bulldogs Logo

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Ferris State Bulldogs Logo
The symbolism behind the Ferris State Bulldogs logo has always been totally transparent. What can represent the “Bulldogs” nickname better than a bulldog? How has the designer managed to make the image unique?

Meaning and history

Ferris State Bulldogs logo history

The old emblem, which was introduced in 1993, featured the bulldog’s head. There was a collar with sharp elements and a pendant. On the pendant, the letter “F” in black could be seen.
The Ferris State Bulldogs logo adopted in 2011 was almost the same, except for the slightly different shade of gold and the “F” – it was red now.

Ferris State Bulldogs ice hockey

Ferris State Bulldogs ice hockey logo
The list of Ferris State alumni who played on an Olympic team includes five names, while the countries they have represented vary from the US to Canada, Italy, and Austria. The number of the Bulldogs in the NHL has exceeded ten players.

Ferris State Bulldogs football

Ferris State Bulldogs football logo
Since 1999, the football team of the Ferris State University has been a member of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.