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Meaning and history

Mid-American Conference Logo history

2000 – 2007

Mid-American Conference Logo-2000
The Mid American Conference logo, created in 2000, stayed with the association for seven years. It was a circular emblem in green and orange, with white and black lettering on it. The lettering was split into two parts — the full inscription in white square serif capitals, set along the perimeter of the badge, and the stylized “MAC” in white, with a thick black outline, where the letters were sharp and italicized. This sense of motion, given by the “MAC’ wordmark was elevated by the five black horizontal lines coming out of the left bar of “M”.

2008 – Today

Mid-American Conference Logo
The redesign of 2008 completely changed the style and shape of the MaC badge. The circle was replaced by a modern shield, and the orange shade was removed from the badge. The new color palette consists of white, green, and blue, the colors standing for growth, development, and confidence. The crest is vertically divided into three segments — two green and one white in the center. The “MAC” lettering is written in white on a dark blue horizontal banner. Above the banner, the “1946” datemark in light gray was set, and a solid five-pointed star was added to the bottom part of the logo. The crest is complemented by a dark blue inscription under it. It is set in the same typeface, as the white monogram on the blue banner.

What is Mid American Conference?
Mid-American Conference is the name of the collegiate association, which includes 12 members from the mid-American states, competing in the First division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The conference was established in 1946 in Ohio.