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Bowler is the name of a British automaking brand which was established in 1985 and specialized in the production of off-road cars, based on the chassis of Land Rover models. The brand is owned by Jaguar Land Rover Group and is named after its founder, Andrew Bowler.

Meaning and history

Bowler logo

Bowler is a brand, that makes serious and brutal cars, based on Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Discovery models. This masculine character and a sense of strength and stability are what can be seen not only in the cars of the company but also in its visual identity, which is simple, strict, and laconic.

The Bowler logo is composed of a massive square lettering, enclosed into a half-ellipsoidal frame, formed by two arched swoosh-lines merging into one, to their right, placed on the left from the inscription.

Bowler emblem

The smooth and elegant framing makes the brutal and bold inscription softer and adds sophistication and finesse to the emblem. In the monochrome color palette, which is official for the Bowler visual identity, the simple composition looks stylish and trendy, perfectly reflecting the character of the brand and its determination and fundamental approach to car making.

Font and color

The Bowler nameplate in all capitals is executed in a powerful and solid sans-serif typeface, where each letter is stable and strong. The thick lines and straight angles and edges of the letters make the whole inscription look masculine and sharp. The typeface of the Bowler logotype is very similar to such fonts as Impact WGL Regular, PF Fusión Sans Pro Black, and Newbery Sans Pro Cd Extra Bold, but with some lines modified.

The color palette of the Bowler logo is based on a black-and-white combination, which is very modest and traditional, though gives the thick and straight lines of the letters a more powerful mood and makes the oval framing look sharp and progressive. The secondary version of the visual identity is executed in gray and placed on a white background, just like the badge on the car — in silver metallic — it looks professional and elegant, despite the massive shapes and strict contouring of all the elements.