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Messenger is the name of one of the Meta Platforms applications, which was designed as part of the famous social media service Facebook in 2008. In a few years, Messenger grew up into a separate application, which allows its user to communicate with their friends from all over the world via both text and voice messages, and also voice and video calls.

Meaning and history

Messenger Logo history

Originally Facebook Messenger, today the application is considered to be one of the most famous chat software across the globe. Its visual identity is also more than just instantly recognizable, it has already become iconic, even though, the logo was redesigned several times throughout the years, and the last refinement switched its iconic blue and white color palette to something new.

2011 – 2013

Messenger Logo 2011

The first Messenger logo, created in 2011, differs from all the following versions in its shape. That was the only emblem, where the iconic white lighting bolt was horizontally placed on a square dialogue cloud. The cloud was executed in a gradient calm blue color palette and looked professional and strong. The icon, used during that period, featured a reverse color palette — a solid blue circle with rounded angles, a white dialogue clod, and a blue lightning bolt.

2013 – 2018

Messenger Logo 2013

The ellipsoid shape of the emblem replaced the rectangular bubble in 2018, but this was not the only choice. The color palette of the Messenger visual identity got switched to a very bright and blue, with a smooth graduating effect, from light to dark, from top to bottom. The lightning bolt was still there, in its original shape, but now in plain white.

2018 – 2020

Messenger Logo 2018

The ellipsoid was replaced by a perfect circle in 2018. As for the color palette, it remained in the shades it was, but with a bit fewer gradients, looking more solid and confident than the previous badge. The right circle shape also added power and balance to the logo, making everything harmonious and professional.

2020 – Today

Messenger Logo

The shape of the emblem remained untouched but the color palette was changed in 2020. It was made to celebrate the acquisition of Instagram by the mother company. This new Messenger badge is executed in a gradient fuchsia to the blue palette, with the color-changing diagonally from the bottom left to the top right parts of the rounded dialogue bubble.