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Gardner Douglas, a British sports car manufacturer established in 1990, is renowned for producing high-quality vehicles that blend classic 1960s design with modern performance and handling. Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, the company specializes in creating replicas of iconic models like the AC Cobra and the Lola T70, but with a twist – they offer their unique interpretation of these classics, ensuring advanced engineering and top-tier quality. Known for its dedication to driving experience and engineering excellence, Gardner Douglas stands out in the market for its high-end, driver-focused sports cars.

Meaning and history

Gardner Douglas, founded in 1990, has emerged as a distinctive player in the sports car industry, blending nostalgia with innovation. The company’s inception was marked by a desire to recapture the spirit of 60s motoring, a period revered for its automotive milestones, while infusing modern engineering prowess. This combination has become Gardner Douglas’s hallmark.

In the early days, the company’s strategy was not just to replicate classic cars but to reimagine them. Andrew Burrows, the visionary behind Gardner Douglas, initially designed an entirely new vehicle to demonstrate the company’s engineering depth. However, recognizing the challenges of a new entrant in the market, he shifted focus to a niche yet enthusiastic market segment, known for its appreciation of classic cars like the AC Cobra and Lola T70. This decision to blend classic styles with advanced engineering gave Gardner Douglas its unique market position.

Over the years, Gardner Douglas has steadfastly maintained a focus on the driving experience. Their cars aren’t just about aesthetics; they are about re-engaging drivers with the essence of motoring – a response to the increasingly automated and detached nature of modern sports cars. This philosophy is evident in their product line, which emphasizes driver involvement and mechanical purity.

The company’s journey is one of balancing heritage with progression. In a world where automotive technology rapidly evolves, Gardner Douglas has managed to keep the spirit of classic motoring alive, ensuring each of their cars embodies a timeless allure backed by contemporary performance.

What is Gardner Douglas?
Gardner Douglas fuses 1960s design with today’s tech, standing out in British auto manufacturing since 1990. They craft custom sports cars, blending retro style with modern handling. Their vehicles embody a heritage aesthetic enhanced by contemporary performance. Adding to their distinctiveness, Gardner Douglas sports cars are noted for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each car is a testament to the brand’s philosophy of marrying the old-school charm with new-school reliability and speed.


Gardner Douglas Logo

The “Gardner Douglas” emblem, encased in a circle, showcases a striking, stylized design. Bold black letters stand out against the white, emphasizing shape and structure. The linked letters symbolize the merging of concepts, reflective of the brand’s essence. Encircled “GD” suggests completeness and a worldwide footprint, alluding to the brand’s aspirations.  The emblem’s modern, clean look signifies a brand with a sophisticated, powerful image. This design merges tradition with forward-thinking, implying a legacy entwined with innovation. The logo’s clarity and precision mirror the brand’s commitment to excellence and precision.